Stop fighting the Instagram algorithm, or feeling like you have to make dancing reels all day to grow your business

You're busy enough as a service provider, you don't need to spend hours each day trying to track trends, figure out what Instagram changes happened this week, or try and think of a witty caption. Hand your social media over to me, and focus on giving your clients the best experience!

Instagram Management

We all know social media is an essential part of growing a business these days, but it can be time SO consuming.
On the other hand, it can be a total waste of time if what you're doing isn't even working, and you just keep posting hoping something works. Let me help you save most of that time, by managing your Instagram!


Instagram strategy and planning
Daily posting
Graphic design / content creation 
Caption copywriting
Post scheduling via Later
Story graphic design and video guidance / planning
Reels prompts, audios, and guidance delivered to you 
Filming and editing product Reels
Reels publishing and cover creation 
Photo editing for beauty service providers including lash artists, PMU, brow artists, etc

Investment: Starts at $1,500 | Minimum 3 month commitment

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How it works



Submit your application and we'll see if we're a great fit!



We will get your contract, first month payment, and log-in information all completed at onboarding

prep work

You will then gather your images, branding, videos, any other assets, as well as any information or facts I need to know about your business or services



We will take a deep dive into your business goals, marketing strategy, ideal audience, and social media goals and turn it into a strategy that will guide every decision we make on your socials



Each month we will plan and create your content, and schedule it for publishing in a way that works best for you and your schedule. 



At the end of each month, we will take a look at what worked and what didn't, re-strategize if needed, and continue on with the next month!


Client Love Letters

Morgan, is so helpful and amazing at what she does! I was attracted to her services based on her past working in the beauty industry and her work speaks for itself. She made this overwhelming process seamless!

Katrina | Bloodline beauty lounge

I absolutely loved working with Morgan. She helped my business look and feel the way I wanted it to come across to potential clients. I feel much more professional after getting my website designed by Morgan and everything was amazing.

heidi | Club beauty utah

Morgan was awesome to work with! She’s fun, but also professional. She has an invaluable skill set and it was especially beneficial for my lash business since she truly understands all sides of it. She has excellent communication and I felt like we were always on the same page. I would highly recommend her! Thank you, Morgan!

cayla | wink eyelash studio

Morgan turned my dream into reality and gave me everything I hoped for with my brand, website, and business cards! She broke the entire process down in a way that was easy for me to follow, and less intimidating since this was my first time working with a designer. I'm so happy with my experience and everything she created for me!

michele | craft beaute

Working with Morgan was EASY! As a busy entrepreneur I did not have the time or knowledge on how to create a website & logo. Morgan took my vibe and vision and created PERFECTION!! She gets me! Finding someone who takes your ideas and puts them into action is essential

angie | stylebyangieq

Working with Morgan was the best experience. She made it so obvious that she left no stone unturned. She is a creative problem solver who will take your brand and image to the NEXT LEVEL. If you’re worried about the financial investment of working with her then you’re only holding you and your business back! She is trustworthy, transparent, and skilled in the world of branding and social media marketing. I look forward to working with her for many years to come!

jaymee | luna lash atx

Frequently Asked Questions


What you provide depends on what your custom package includes! In general, clients will need to: 
- Provide their Instagram log-in OR add me to their business Facebook page in order to utilize Later (if I'm handling posting!)
- Provide brand images, branding, and any facts or topics I need to know
- Film stories or Reels and send to me to post
- Approve and provide feedback to content schedule



If I am handling posting for you, yes! You could instead choose to add me as an admin to your Facebook page so I can push posts out through Later, but it's best to provide full access in case anything happens with Later! 

Providing log-in also allows me to publish Reels and stories for you as well.



Reels can work a few different ways depending on your preferences! I will send weekly trending Reel ideas for you to film and you can either send it back to me to publish, or keep it in your drafts to post on a scheduled date. If you are a product-based business I can film, edit, and post product Reels all on my end, or if you're a service provider but fine with having a different "face" of your brand, I can create Reels for you the same way! 

Reels are a critical part of a social media plan today, so we will work together to find a way to make them happen that works for you and your business.



Because growth simply takes time! WIth social media there are no guarantees or overnight results. The 3 month minimum ensures we have plenty of time to create and implement a new strategy, gauge how well it is working, and adjust as needed until we are happy with the results. 



You 100% need branding! Preferably professionally done or extremely well-DIY'd branding. Your brand colors and fonts are what help keep your social media consistent and become recognizable, and your overall brand determines the tone and energy we need to bring to your feed. If you do not have branding already we can start with a branding package and then dive into your social media from there.

For photos, you do need photos of your services and products, or we can arrange a product photoshoot. Otherwise, we can utilize stock images and videos, but it is highly recommended to have professional images ready in order for us to get the best results and have more content. 



We will always start with strategy and making sure everything we do is aligned with your business goals and marketing strategy, in order to get the best results. From there, we will lay out the posts, followed by graphic design/adding imagery/the visual part! We will wrap up with captions and story planning and be all set! Typically my clients and I plan a month at a time, and do so around the last week of the previous month. 
If you prefer, or are doing a lot of Reels that require keeping up with trends, we can instead plan content every other week!
Initial strategy during onboarding is usually done via phone call, but monthly planning can be done via phone call, email, or Zoom.


Focus on your clients and business while I focus on your social media presence

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